Explore Fascinating Designs in Slippers for Boys

Most kids like eye-catching designs when it comes to apparel and footwear. Be it a Mickey Mouse illustration or an appliqué of Thor’s hammer, such visuals create a huge appeal among children. Keeping that in mind, Lifestyle Stores has curated a broad variety of slippers for boys featuring designs inspired by their favourite comics and cartoons.

Types of Slippers for Boys Offered at Lifestyle Stores

Lifestyle Stores offer an extensive collection of boys’ slippers with different strap designs. These pieces can be worn casually as well as to children’s parties. That said, let us check out the various types of slippers for boys offered on our platform.

  • Appliquéd Slippers: These kids’ slippers for boys feature appliqués of famous movie characters such as The Avengers and Kung Fu Panda. Some of these pieces come with one big appliqué, while others feature multiple small ones. Buy these slippers for boys at discounted rates from Lifestyle Stores.

  • Sling-back Slippers: As the name suggests, these slippers for boys feature a sling back. So, your little one would not slip or lose the footwear while jumping or running around. Their footbeds feature graphic designs, including characters from cartoons and movies. We also offer baby boy slippers in this style for children from the age of 18 months to up to four years.

  • Sliders: These slippers for boys feature logographic, typographic, and striped designs. Some of these pieces feature a single strap in the middle, while others have two. You will find a few sling-back designs in this collection too. These are the perfect slippers for teenage boys as they look quite elegant.

  • Clogs: This catalogue also features fashionable clogs as well as open and closed-toed slippers. These pieces come with perforations, varying in size. Some of them feature colour-blocked designs while others have a graphic print. You can shop for these stylish slippers for boys at reasonable prices by browsing Lifestyle Stores.

How do you Style Slippers for Boys from Lifestyle Stores?

Each and every pair of slippers offered by Lifestyle Stores can be paired with a plethora of boys’ clothing. These pieces are so versatile and fashionable that you can pair them with any attire from your son’s closet. So, let us check out a few outfit ideas for these boys’ stylish slippers.

  • For a Dressy Event: Your son can attend a friend’s birthday party in grey denim three-fourths, red colour-blocked clogs, and a maroon T-shirt.

  • For a School Function: Dress your little angel in blue denim jeans for boys, a black sweatshirt, and appliquéd slippers of the same colour.

  • For a Play Date: You can dress your boy in, grey chinos, a beige shirt for boys, and white sling-back slippers.

  • For a Backyard Party: Your little one can wear Puma’s black logographic sliders, green cargo pants, and a tan T-shirt.

Buy Boys’ Slippers from Lifestyle Stores for Your Son

Whether it is girls’ dresses or boys’ kurtas, Lifestyle Stores offer a plethora of products for kids. Similarly, you will find a wide range of slippers for boys made from high-quality materials like EVA, PU, rubber, synthetics, etc.

Lifestyle Stores are a diverse platform that offers everything from boys’ innerwear to footwear. These products are of premium quality and provide nothing but comfort for the wearer. So, treat your son with the most trending pair of slippers for boys and make his day!

Slippers for Boys FAQ's

What are Some Popular Brands of Slippers for Boys?

Lifestyle Stores have curated a wonderful selection of slippers for boys from famous brands like Puma and Fame Forever. They are known for providing comfort and durability in their products.

Undoubtedly, their slippers have a special construction with premium footbeds and treads that provide great grip. These pieces do not cause any problems for your feet. You do not need to worry about soreness, pain, or ulcers.

Moreover, they feature popular designs which are loved by many little children. These products are budget-friendly and can be bought from the comfort of your home.

What Styles are Available in Slippers for Boys?

We offer a wide array of slippers for boys in many different styles. You will find immense variety in the design, construction, strap style, and other features of this footwear. Our boys’ slipper collection includes pieces with flexible slings, aesthetic appliqués, and footbeds with trendy designs.

We also offer sliders with velcro straps and clogs with open-toed and closed-toed vamps. Some of them come as flats, while others feature arch support.