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Lifestyle Stores — The Hub for Women’s Fashion

Lifestyle Stores is one of India’s top destinations to shop for women’s clothing, including underwear like panties. With over 77 stores present across 44 cities and online delivery to multiple locations, Lifestyle has become the go-to choice for online shopping for both women and men to meet all of their fashion needs. You can easily find multiple options in lingerie for women from our curated collection that is put together, keeping our customers’ needs in mind.

Why choose Lifestyle Stores?

Lifestyle’s online store is highly rated and loved by women across the country, stating us as the best place to find women’s panties. With the advent of online shopping, buying women’s underwear has become super easy. Lifestyle’s online shopping interface is easy to use, and orders, exchanges, and returns are smooth. Experts at Lifestyle ensure you can shop for women’s panties online without any hassle.

Things to Consider Before Buying Women’s Panties

Buying the correct panties for women can be daunting. We have gathered the following list of tips for you to consider before buying women’s underwear online:

  • Choosing the correct fabric is super important when you buy ladies’ panties. The best material to choose is 100% pure cotton. The same stands true while shopping for bras for women.

  • Pick ladies’ underwear in a style that suits you the best and offers comfort. The most comfortable ones are briefs and hipsters.

  • Pick seamless women’s panties over stitched options. They do not show on your tight leggings and yoga pants and do not imprint on your skin.

  • Refrain from using lace ladies’ panties daily as they tend to show and also irritate the skin with prolonged use.

  • Choose high-waisted panties that can also work as shapewear for women and minimise the use of the additional garment.

  • Pick branded ladies’ panties over local ones as they tend to last longer and are also allergen-free.

Shop for the Most Comfortable Women’s Panties Online at Lifestyle Stores

Enjoy all-day comfort with the fantastic range of ladies’ panties online, available only at Lifestyle. Our premium women’s panties range offers tons of options and styles for you to choose from. Buy lingerie like panties, bras, and slips for women online at the best price deals at Lifestyle for an all-day comfortable feel.

FAQs for Women’s Panties

Which brand is best for ladies’ panties?

Lifestyle offers a diverse range of branded women’s underwear. Our range comprises various top-class women’s panties that are sure to provide all-day comfort and style. Shop for branded ladies’ panties from leading brands like JOCKEY, TRIUMPH, ENAMOR, GINGER, AMANTE, and many others for all-day comfort and top-notch style. These branded women’s underwear is crafted from pure fabrics and is allergen and infection free.

What are the different types of women’s panties?

Lifestyle Stores offer a diverse range of women’s panties at the best price deals and offers. Take a look at what our fabulous range has in store for you below:

    Hipster panties: Choose from our wide range of hipster women’s panties available in a variety of colours and size options. These are best for everyday use.

    Bikini panties: Pick stylish bikini-style women’s panties from Lifestyle. These are available in both solid and printed options in a variety of colours and sizes options for you to choose from.

    Seamless panties: Pick stunning seamless women’s panties from our fabulous range. These truly seamless panties are perfect for all your skin-tight garments, such as jeans, leggings, and the likes. They are available in multiple options of colour and size on our online store.

    Lace panties: Shop for ravishing lace women’s panties for a super sexy goddess-like feel. These are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and fit options for you to choose from.

    Boy shorts panties: Try the amazing range of boy shorts panties available in a diverse range of colours and fit options only at Lifestyle. These high-waisted panties also work great as tummy-tuckers and provide great shape while adding comfort to your look.

    Striped panties: Lifestyle offers an elaborate range of striped panties. These stylish panties have seamless stripes and a cute bow-tie detail that you will surely love. They are available in stunning colour and style options.

    Hipster sets: For all our budget-conscious shoppers, we offer sets of hipster women’s panties in sets of 3 and 5 for you to choose from and enjoy a steal deal. They are available in various styles and colour options for you to choose from.

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