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Shapewear for Women to Create a Streamlined Silhouette

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that can help women create a more streamlined and sculpted silhouette under their clothing. It is designed to smoothen and enhance the natural curves, helping to create a flattering outfit. Shapewear for women come in a variety of styles to flatter the stomach, waist, hips, thighs and torso. Whether wearing a bodycon dress, a saree, a pair of skinny jeans or slim-fit leggings for women, shapewear allows the wearer to achieve a smoother and more polished look. So, fall in love with the shape of YOU by accentuating your curves and natural body with suitable shapewear.

Different Kinds of Shapewear for Women at Lifestyle Stores

Shapewear for women is a great investment for the wardrobe. As it provides a smooth and flattering silhouette under any outfit and helps clothes fit better. Looking for high-quality shapewear options that provide support without sacrificing comfort? Look no further! Lifestyle Stores brings you a wide assortment of styles to choose from. Below are the different types of shapewear you can shop for.

  • High-waisted Shaping Briefs: These are popular styles of ladies’ shapewear that help contour the tummy, hips and lower back. They provide a seamless look under form-fitting dresses, skin-tight trousers and more. The high waistline of these panties for women provide ultimate coverage and support for the midsection.

  • Waist Shapers: Also referred to as waist cinchers, these types of shapewear for women are designed to cinch the waistline, creating a more feminine silhouette. They are worn as a belt around the waist and have hook-and-eye closures or adjustable straps that ensure a snug fit.

  • Shaping Camisoles: They are a type of undergarment designed to smooth and contour the torso. They typically have a snug fit and are made from stretchy fabrics that help to shape and support the body. Shaping camisoles sometimes feature adjustable straps or built-in bras. These slips for women can be used as a foundation garment to create a smooth base for outfits, especially when a more polished appearance is desired.

  • Saree Shapewear: This is a type of shaper for women specifically designed to be worn underneath traditional sarees. They are long in length like a maxi skirt but have a streamlined silhouette that allows wearers to smoothly drape a saree. They are made of lightweight and stretchy materials to prevent sarees from slipping and sliding out of place, plus ensure a comfortable and secure fit all day.

Buying Guide to Help You Shop for the Right Shapewear for Women

For those of you who are buying shapewear for women for the first time or are confused about how to choose the best one, here is a guide to help you.

  • Purpose and Coverage: Before buying shapewear, determine the purpose you want it to serve and the level of coverage you need. Whether you want to sculpt your tummy, cinch your waist or shape your thighs, choose body shapers for women accordingly.

  • Material and Comfort: Choose shapewear for women that are made from breathable and comfortable materials like cotton, nylon or spandex. Check for features such as adjustable straps, non-slip bands, and a seamless design to ensure comfort throughout the day.

  • Size and Fit: Always check the sizing chart, make a note of your body measurements and find the right size. As fitting is crucial for women’s shapewear to work effectively. The shapewear should have a snug fit and not be too tight or uncomfortable.

Buy the Best Shapewear for Women Online

End your search for the best shapewear to enhance your curves and achieve a flawless look at Lifestyle Stores. Shop an extensive collection of high-quality shapewear for women online and find the perfect piece to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for bodysuits, waist trainers or high-waist briefs, we have a variety of styles and sizes to fit every body type. Besides shapewear, Lifestyle Stores houses a broad range of lingerie, consisting of stylish and comfy nightwear, briefs, slips and bras for women to look and feel good inside, too. So, browse the collection and shop your favourites now!

Shapewear For Women FAQ’s

What is the best brand for women’s shapewear?

Below is a list of top brands for women’s shapewear:

  • Amante

  • Enamor

  • Triumph

  • Ginger

Which women’s shapewear is best for a slim fit?

High-rise tummy and waist shapers are one of the popular and best shapewear for women who want to create a streamlined silhouette.

Is it OK to wear women’s body shapers every day?

Yes, you can wear body shapers for ladies every day. Just pick the right size and you are all set.

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