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Stay Fresh and Flawless with Top Compact Powders

Your makeup kit is incomplete without a compact powder. Responsible for giving you a soft, matte finish, this cosmetic product is a true hero in creating a no-foundation look that even tones your skin and provides light coverage. Furthermore, it helps you refresh your makeup at any time. Compact powders are handy and can fit in any bag. They come with a puff, so you do not have to carry a brush or makeup sponge.

Our platform houses an extensive collection of compact powder. They include features such as oil control, long wear and more. So, if your makeup vanity needs a good compact powder today, shop some exceptional and widely renowned ones at Lifestyle Stores.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Compact Powder?

With the abundant options available on our platform, you might need help to decide the right compact powder for your skin. So, we have created a buying guide that will help you make a decision. Refer to this while shopping for a face compact online at Lifestyle Stores.

  • Skin Type: If compact powder does not cater to your needs, it will not help you, regardless of brand or quality. So, before setting your heart on one, understand your skin type and choose wisely. For instance, individuals who want to control the shine on their face can opt for an oil-control, matte compact. Those with dry skin can choose wet and dry powder.

  • Coverage: It is important to choose a compact face powder that meets your makeup requirements. Those looking for a natural finish or a minimalist makeup look can consider buying a pressed or loose formulation with a matte texture. People who want a buildable compact powder foundation can choose to shop for a lightweight, blendable and long-wear product.

  • Shade: There are many options to buy compacts online. Identify the undertone and match the shade of your skin with the product to find the best match. Use the filters on our platform to quickly browse all the colours available. Lifestyle Stores has pink, yellow and many other choices of undertones to choose from. Select and shop what suits you the best.

The Right Way to Apply Compact Powder

Master how to set your makeup and make it long-lasting through compact powder with the following step-by-step guide. This will help you achieve a flawless look for everyday use and special occasions, such as weddings, festivities, etc.

  • Cleanse: Start by rinsing your skin with a face wash. Gently pat dry it with a soft microfibre towel. Add a toner with a cotton pad to calm and relax your skin and prepare it for moisturising.

  • Nourish: Use a lightweight formula for hydrating the skin. Apply the moisturiser and let the face absorb the much-needed nourishment. You can also use a serum before the step for an extra boost of hydration. Also, apply a juicy lip balm to nourish the lips.

  • Makeup: Now that your skincare is complete, start creating a flawless and even base to achieve a natural look. First, apply a primer and then choose a BB or CC cream to complete the look. You also have the option to use concealer in case of colour correction.

  • Set: Once you have applied all the makeup products, including blush and highlighter, set everything with a makeup compact powder. Complete your makeup with lipsticks or glosses whichever works best for you. Finally, use a setting spray to lock the look.
Note: If you are adding a pop of colour to your eyes, use eyeshadow before applying the base makeup or foundation cream. This will avoid any fallout and the spread of pigment all over the face.

Buy Compact Powder Online at Lifestyle Stores

Lifestyle Stores houses various cosmetic products in different shades, coverage and formulations to meet the needs of every individual. So, browse the diverse and extensive range, add your favourites to the cart and shop now. Besides cosmetics, our platform also offers beauty and skin care products. So, check them out in case you are running out of supplies.

FAQ's for Compact Powder

Which brand is best for compact powder?

Maybelline, L’oreal, MyGlamm, Lakme, Iksu, Chambor and Faces Canada are the top brands that offer the best compacts online. They offer many shades with unique characteristics that will allow you to achieve any desired look, whether minimalistic or festive.

Is compact and face powder the same?

Generally, face powders come in loose and pressed formulations. They are usually used for contouring and setting the base. Compacts are only available in pressed formulas that can be used instead of foundation to even out the skin tone or for a natural makeup look.

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