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Lifestyle Stores — The One-Stop Shop for Fashion

Lifestyle Stores is one of India’s leading shopping destinations for all kinds of gents’ clothing, including innerwear for men. Lifestyle has over 77 stores across 44 cities and an online shopping platform with delivery services to multiple locations. Lifestyle has become the go-to choice to shop for all instant fashion picks for women’s and men’s wear. If you are looking for boxers or briefs for men, Lifestyle Stores has the perfect lineup for you.

Why choose Lifestyle Stores?

Lifestyle is the best choice to shop for innerwear and loungewear for men. We are home to an extensive selection of boxers and briefs for men. You can also find a massive variety of men’s vests in our store. All men’s briefs are crafted with comfortable fabrics like cotton and offer top-notch comfort at all times. Our online shopping platform provides an interface that is an absolute delight to browse through. And ordering, exchanges, and returns are efficient, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for all customers.

Things to Consider Before Buying Men’s Underwear

Shopping for men’s underwear is super simple. Just keep the following pointers in mind before you buy men’s underwear to get the best out of your purchase:

  • It is essential to determine the style of innerwear you want to sport. You can go for briefs or boxers for men depending on your needs and use.

  • Choosing briefs for men made from 100% pure cotton is recommended. Cotton is a breathable fabric that helps you feel comfortable and airy compared to nylon and polyester.

  • Choose materials that are allergen and cruelty-free for an efficient purchase. Not only are these materials suitable for your skin, but they also are better for the environment.

  • Pick a variety of colours instead of picking all men’s briefs in the same hue. This ensures you can sport underwear based on the colours of the upper layers of your outfit, creating a seamless look.

  • Choose the correct size for your men’s underwear. Go for your waist measurement if you tie your pants at your waist, and go for your hip measurement if you wear your bottoms at the hip.

Shop Briefs for Men Online at Lifestyle Stores

Experience all-day comfort with the fantastic range of briefs for men online, available at Lifestyle. Our premium range of men’s underwear briefs offers tons of options and styles for you to choose from. Buy men’s brief underwear today at the best price deals only at Lifestyle for an all-day comfortable feel.

FAQs for Men’s Briefs

What are some popular brands for men’s briefs?

Lifestyle offers a diverse range of branded briefs for men. Our collection offers various men’s brief options from high-end brands that are sure to provide comfort and support. Shop for branded men’s briefs from brands like JOCKEY, U.S POLO ASSN., FAME FOREVER, JACK & JONES, VAN HEUSEN, and more. All our branded briefs and men’s trunk underwear are crafted from 100% pure cotton and are allergen and infection free.

What fabrics are best for men’s briefs?

Choosing briefs for men made from the best fabrics is the first step to ensuring your innerwear is comfortable. Here is a quick fabric-choosing guide while shopping for men’s briefs. Take a look:

    Pick briefs for men made from 100% pure cotton, as it also improves breathability and absorbs sweat.

    Modal is your second-best fabric choice when buying briefs for men. This material has a smooth finish and is less prone to wrinkles than cotton but tends to get warm quickly.

    Refrain from using materials like nylon and polyester, which can lead to severe rashes and chafing due to increased friction. Such materials can also lead to skin infections.

What is the difference between men’s briefs and other types of underwear?

Here are a few key differences between men’s briefs and other underwear:

    Men’s boxers are baggy and run down to your thigh while offering a snug fit. Men’s briefs, on the other hand, are more skin fit and have a classic V shape. Boxers are also a great option to sport every day.

    Men’s trunks are tight-fitting underwear that offer less coverage than boxers but more coverage than briefs.

    Bikini-cut men’s underwear can be low or high-waisted and offer more waist coverage. Men’s briefs, on the other hand, are low-waist and offer more rear coverage than the waist.

    Boxers and trunks provide less amount of support compared to men’s briefs. Men’s briefs are the best underwear to wear for a sports event.

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