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Boys Sandals

Discover Durable Boys’ Sandals for your Son at Lifestyle Stores

Kids have a very playful nature, which leads to injuries sometimes. While running and jumping around, they tend to fall due to slipping or losing balance. Keeping that in mind, Lifestyle Stores have put together a plethora of boys’ sandals that offer great grip, comfort, and durability.

Browse an Extensive Variety of Boys’ Sandals at Lifestyle Stores

To help you find a suitable pair of boys’ sandals for your son, we offer a variety of styles that you can choose from. They vary in terms of design, construction, and a few other aspects as well. So, let us check out the amazing types of our sandals for boys.

  • Fisherman Sandals: These are multi-strap boys’ sandals that come with an arch support and a comfortable footbed. Some of these feature contrast tipping, while others are colour-blocked. You will also find camouflaged designs in this collection. Some of them come with heel loops as well. Most of these pieces are made from a synthetic material that provides excellent durability.

  • Velcro-Strap Sandals: These boys’ sandals are crafted from high-quality materials such as PU mesh, fabric, and synthetic materials. Most of these pieces are tailored by the famous brand Fame Forever. They feature colour-blocked, camouflaged designs as well as ones with popular characters like Spiderman. Some of them also come with heel loops. This selection also features baby boy sandals.

  • Clogs: These comfortable sandals are easy to slide on and feature a sling-back or pivoting strap, so your son does not slip them off. They come with perforations for airflow and embellishments for a fashionable look. These boys’ sandals feature solid, textured, and camouflaged designs tailored by popular brands like Skechers and Crocs. Moreover, they are properly treaded to prevent slipping.

How to Style Boys’ Sandals from Lifestyle Stores?

We offer a diverse range of sandals that can be paired with various types of boys’ clothing. These pieces are great at complementing fashionable attire. They are quite versatile and can be worn at different occasions. So, let us take a look at the exciting combinations you can create with our stylish sandals for boys.

  • For a Birthday Party: For a dressy occasion, your son can wear black trousers, a red chequered shirt for boys, and solid clogs of the same colour.

  • For a Play Date: For this gathering, you can dress your little one in a dark-brown sweatshirt, beige chinos and blue fisherman sandals.

  • For a School Function: Dress your kid in a white T-shirt, blue denim jeans for boys, a black jacket, and camouflaged clogs of the same colour.

  • For a Backyard Party: For an effortlessly stylish look, your child can wear grey three-fourths, a purple hoodie, and red velcro-strap sandals.

Get Your Hands on New Sandals for Boys at Lifestyle Stores

The broad range of footwear at Lifestyle Stores offers everything from girls’ slippers to boys’ casual sandals. These products are crafted with high-quality materials like EVA, PU, rubber, etc. Our boys' slippers and sandals provide ultimate comfort and have a long life.

Moreover, we also offer fashionable attire to pair with our footwear. Here, you will find everything from boys’ kurtas to trendy T-shirts. So, buy your son a brand new pair of sandals and bring a smile to his face!

FAQ's for Boys’ Sandals

Which Outfits Go Well with Sandals for Boys?

Lifestyle Stores offers a wide array of boys’ sandals that can be paired with a plethora of outfits. Owing to their versatility, your son can wear them on casual occasions, on dressy days as well as for sports. Moreover, there are thousands of ways in which you can style them with different apparel.

For a cricket match, your little angel can wear a T-shirt and shorts with velcro-strap sandals. While going on a casual outing with family, you can dress your son in a shirt and jeans. As for footwear, he can wear fisherman sandals.

If your little one is going to attend a friend’s birthday party, he can wear a sweatshirt and cargo pants with camouflaged clogs. If you are going on a walk with your son, he can wear a hoodie and joggers along with solid clogs.

What are Some Popular Brands for Boys’ Sandals?

Our sandals are crafted by famous brands like Fame Forever, PUMA, Skechers, and Crocs. They offer quality as well as variety in their footwear. You can buy these amazing sandals from Lifestyle Stores at reasonable prices. They provide comfort, durability, and longevity.